IN AGREEMENT On 08-06-2016


of understanding between Aerospace Committee of Ministry of

investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency regarding cooperation

in the field of Exploration and Use of Outer Space for Peaceful Purposes

Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazcosmos) and United Arab Emirates Space Agency, hereinafter referred to as «Parties»,

expressing intention for establishment and development of mutually beneficial cooperation in the area of space activities on the basis of equality, partnership and mutual interests,

Considering their common interest in the use and application of Space for peaceful purposes;

Recognising the positive contribution that cooperation in Space science, research, technology, services, and applications will bring to promoting relationships and partnerships between their States, their respective industry organisations, as well as academic and research institutions;

Taking into account their mutual interest to start bilateral cooperation in  the areas set out in Article 2 below;

Have reached the following understandings:


 Article 1


 The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to:

  1. Establish a framework for cooperation between the Parties relating to the exploration and use of Space for peaceful purposes;
  2. Based on reasonable efforts, promote and organize the exchange of information and expertise, as well as cooperative activities, between the Parties in exploring and using Space for peaceful purposes;
  3. Facilitate the exchange of personnel to set up closer links between the Parties.

Article 2

Areas of cooperation

 Subject to the laws and regulations applicable to them, the Parties,     through consultation, will decide upon the specific items of cooperation within the framework of this MoU. The proposed collaborative activities are as follow:

  1. Parties will facilitate collaboration as appropriate, including the exchange of information and expertise, in the Republic of Kazakhstan and UAE space sectors, including:
  2. Space science, research. Technologies and applications;
  3. Creation of spacecrafts for different purposes (Communication, Earth Remote Sensing, navigation;
  4. Earth Remote Sensing data and products provision;
  5. Launch services provision and use;
  6. Exchange of views on space policy, laws and regulatory;
  7. Personnel training for space activities and its associated areas;
  8. Research and development in the area of space activities.
  9. Parties will jointly identify suitable projects of common interest that can be supported and developed in both countries. Other areas of cooperation may be identified by mutual consent of the Parties.

Article 3

Forms of cooperation


  1. Joint projects will be implemented on the basis of individual agreements between the parties or organizations and enterprises authorized by  Parties.

Specified agreements will set forth specific content of projects, rights and obligations of the parties, issues concerning funding, responsibilities, technology protection, information exchange, intellectual property rights protection, as well as issues of bilateral cooperation.

  1. For the purposes of studying certain matters concerning cooperation  and agreed proposals preparation, the Parties may create joint working groups.
  2. Whenever mutually agreed the Parties will hold consultations at the management level to control efficiency of this Memorandum performance and discuss the cooperation plans.


 Article 4

Association of third parties partners

 The Parties may jointly decide to associate third party partners to the cooperative activities carried out under a Cooperation Arrangement.

Article 5

Financial provisions

 This Memorandum does not stipulate any exchange of financial assets or payments between the Parties.

Any financial liabilities will be specified by the Parties within the framework of concluded Agreements on specific joint projects.

Article 6

Communication, status review and consultations


  1. In order to facilitate communication and coordination efforts under this MoU, the Parties hereby designate their respective representatives as points of contact:

For Kazcosmos:

Zhanna Karipbayeva, Main expert of International Space Law Division

Email: zh.karipbaeva@mid.gov.kz

For UAE Space Agency:

Hamad Al Mutawa, Head of Strategic Partnerships

Email: h.almutawa@space.gov.ae

  1. The Parties will notify each other in writing as soon as any  modification or update is made to the above designated points of contact.

Article 7

Confidentiality and public release of information

Parties agreed that any information containing details of future joint projects discussion by the Parties shall be treated as confidential and shall not be a subject to disclosure by one Party without written consent of another Party.


 Article 8

Entry into force, duration, termination, amendment

 The present MoU shall enter into force on the date of its signature and    shall remain in force for a period of five (5) years. Present MoU shall automatically extended for additional periods of five years each, unless   terminated by either of the Parties giving at least one (1) month written notification to the other party of its intention to terminate the MoU.


Signed in the city of Astana on May 30, 2016, in duplicate, each in    Kazakh, Arabic and English languages. All texts being equally authentic and in case of divergence of interpretation and application the English text shall     prevail.  




the Aerospace Commitee of the Ministry on Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan


 Meirbek Moldabekov

Acting Chairman


the United Arab Emirates

Space Agency



Dr. Khalifa Mohammed Al Rumaithi

Chairman of the Board of Directors