Registration of foreign citizens


Registration of foreign citizens at the Police should be done within 5 days after their arrival into Kazakhstan.   This is also to inform, that the Rule on registration of foreigners now is amended. Nationals of the following countries:

1.     Australia

2.     Austria

3.     Belgium

4.     Canada

5.     Great Britain

6.     Greece

7.     Denmark

8.     Italy,

9.     Ireland

10.                       Iceland,

11.                       Germany,

12.                       Japan,

13.                       Liechtenstein,

14.                       Luxemburg

15.                       Malaysia

16.                       Monaco

17.                       Netherlands

18.                       New Zealand

19.                       Norway

20.                       Spain

21.                       Portugal

22.                       Singapore

23.                       USA

24.                       Switzerland

25.                       Sweden

26.                       Finland

27.                       France 

28.                       Republic of Korea

can get registration while crossing border checkpoints at 12 international airports of Kazakhstan. After getting registration at Consulate abroad or at border checkpoint at 12 international airports of Kazakhstan there is no need to apply to Police for registration.


It is also possible to obtain registration at the local police.


Registration is done free of charge.