Press Release



Astana, [include date] December 2015 – Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan, gave an annual state of the nation address at the Palace of Independence in Astana.

The President discussed external factors and challenges currently facing Kazakhstan and specified measures that need to be taken in order to overcome them.

President Nazarbayev said: “A new global reality with different opportunities and risks is taking shape…World development will take place against the backdrop of fierce competition of global and regional centres of power. The challenges of the new global reality must be set against a comprehensive strategy of action based on our real opportunities.”

President Nazarbayev stated that Kazakhstan needs to implement comprehensive anti-crisis and structural changes in five key areas:

  • Stabilisation of the financial sector;
  • Optimization of fiscal policy;
  • Privatization and the promotion of economic competition;
  • Creation of a new investment policy framework;
  • A new social policy designed to improve the lifestyle of Kazakhstan’s people

Measures within these areas include large-scale privatization, creation of a Government Council aimed at attracting investors and improving the investment climate, structural improvements within the National Bank, introduction of a sales tax instead of VAT, and optimization of the social security system.

Commenting on these proposals, the President noted: “As always, all the measures in this Address are practical and backed by solid funding.”

President Nazarbayev concluded his speech by calling on the citizens of Kazakhstan to actively participate in delivering the proposals contained in the Address, adding: “I am confident we will come through this new global crisis even stronger. Thanks to our common will and strong traditions of unity, Kazakhstan will achieve new levels of development.”



  • The State of the Nation Address is presented by the leader of a nation, typically delivered annually. The address reports on the condition of the nation and allows the Head of State to outline his agenda and national priorities.

The full text of the speech in English can be found here.